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Lucky Man Escapes Doomed Car By Bailing at Right Second Has the Internet talking

A second more deadly airborne threat was preceded by a warning from the first.

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You arrive at your destination in your innocent car and park it in a safe suburban neighborhood. What you don't know is that a gigantic menacing truck is barreling down the curved downhill slope in front of you, throwing debris around that endangers your life.

TikTok user @tech tells the tale from here in this video. What happens next is a narrow shave between walking away unscathed or something far worse. This close call must be seen to be believed.


We'll just go straight to some of the comments.

"Luckiest guy in the world!" writes one.

Another is perplexed. "Where did the second tire come from?" he wonders.

An exclamation of incredulity: "There were three attempts on his life in the span of three seconds!"

"He should try lottery how lucky he is," a viewer of the video surmises.

Another commenter gets to the practical: "The insurance company wouldn’t believe it if there wasn’t video!!"

Sheesh, we're just glad everyone is okay.

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