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Watch Used-Car Dealer Completely Transform Beat Up Sedan In Fast-Moving Video

This step-by-step makeover is simply astonishing.

Car dealers that take trade-ins suddenly find themselves in possession of all types of vehicles in various shapes of cleanliness and disrepair. With the right tools and attention to detail however, sometimes miracles can occur.

A video of this awesome example was posted to TikTok by user @80ooiitt.


"The car had 5 different colors," remarks a commenter.

"Bro modified the car by just cleaning it," marvels another user.

"Sadly this is not accurate," a viewer of the video surmises. "Most dealers are too cheap and won’t wait for something that in-depth to be done."

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This reader is impressed by the effort: "If the dealer cleaned it that much he has earned his profit."

"He's playing Rust on next level, LOL," says a user.

"I know what's wrong with it," jokes a video watcher. "Ain't no gas in it."

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