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This Delivery Driver's Reaction When He Realizes His Car Is Rolling Away In Viral Video Is Priceless

It takes a while for the gravity of the situation to dawn on him.

We've all done some absent-minded things while driving. Fortunately for most of us, they aren't captured on video. Even so, completely forgetting to put your car in park, followed by not even noticing it rolling away, is a combination of unfortunate events we  wouldn't wish on anybody.

This video, submitted by TikTok user, shows this delivery driver's slow reaction as he discovers what is happening behind him.


"He must have thought the dude was buggin' out when he first told him," says a commenter. "He was like 'yeah ok' till he said u might wanna go get it it’s rolling away."

Another writes, "Bro was thinking about that tip...."

"He thought you was joking with him," writes a viewer of the video.

Another one notes, "This gonna go viral."

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We just hope he caught up with the car and everything was okay in the end. We would have liked to have seen a Part 2.

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