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This Video of a Driver Expertly Avoiding a Scary Situation On a Slick Icy Road Has People Talking

A car narrowly and calmly takes control of the situation.

We would like to imagine that we would handle this as well as this driver did. You'll have to watch the video to see what evasive maneuvering was involved.

Submitted by TikTok user @TomPowley5, we share it as a textbook example of how to deal with an oncoming menace.


"Shoutout to the driver reversing," writes a commenter.

"These cars slow dance better than I can," says another.

One viewer of the video notes: "Realistic fast and furious."

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Another commenter sees it like this. "The car: Coming from around the corner and almost hitting the other car. The song: Meet me at the corner, I'll be waiting for you."

"Those reactions though!" exclaims one.

"Great job by that driver for knowing to back up slowly so he has more traction so his tires don’t spin," writes a user.

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