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Can a Simple Household Product Solve This Annoying But Common Problem in Your Car's Engine?

"If you take your car to service they charge you $300 to do that," a commenter says.

This brief video, submitted by TikTok user @dawgmemes, shows what looks like a simple fix to a common annoying problem in your engine. It's accompanied by comments about whether this is real. Judge and see for yourself.


"Is this real?" asks a commenter. 

"This should be an advertisement," adds another.

"That is how you can get a free car repair with Old Spice," correctly notes a viewer of the video.

"Men's products really do be 8 in 1," says a commenter.

Old spice equals 'fix everything,'" writes one.

"Bro, my ears hurt," one says, referring to the fan belt that is the problem in the video. "I was at max volume on my earphone."

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"Modern problems needs to be solved with modern solutions," offers a user.

"I was almost planning to buy that but I realized that I don't have a car," says another with a sense of humor.

"Did they forget to tell us that it’s also a car product?" asks a commenter.

One says, "If you take your car to service they charge you $300 to do that." Good point.

Finally, one viewer writes, "Everything us under control with Old Spice."

In this case, that appears to be true enough, indeed.

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