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Ferrari Driver Smashes Into Rail On Bridge, Video Viewers Debate What Causes the Crash

The smallest mistake can be catastrophic. But what was the driver's miscue?

A helmet camera records as a Ferarri driver is navigating what first appears to be a calm, cool drive across a bridge. Suddenly, everything goes wildly wrong. The car veers out of control, slides sideways and crashes into a thankfully sturdy rail. Airbags are deployed, the driver is safe, and viewers of the video are left to wonder what happened. The video below shows the incident and perhaps reveals the critical details.


Shared to TikTok by user @inconnuee091, the video clip becomes the source of debate and controversy.

"He just lost control, I guess," suggests commenter @elias.637.

That's pretty much the simple explanation. Others are digging into the specifics with a little more detailed speculation.

"He wanted to drift in a high speed," writes @xxghostaudixx.

"He hit the wheelspin and then counter-steered too hard," remarks @jopeltje072.

User @friet_videe has a different take. "Yeah, he downshifted and his wheels started spinning in over tours."

"I don't see what he did wrong, though," says @pridax. "I suspect the Ferrari is rear-wheel drive and the rear broke out."

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"I think he downshifted," writes @38ibo.s. "Look at his left hand."

Reader @jojoistgeistig seems to agree and offers a bit more analysis. "He downshifted and was out of his RPM range. The motorbrake locked up the rear wheels and the rear broke out."

Commenter @shakenandnotstirred disagrees with one point. "He wasn't out of RPM range," he says.

"He shifted at high speed as can be seen by his left hand on the paddle shift which causes the rear to slightly lock out and cause the front slip," @alancaruana surmises.

User @coco__supra summarizes the whole episode with a bit of cynicism. "Money can't buy skills," he states simply.

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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