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Watch Man Hilariously React to Hatchback Shutting Disaster In Video That's Cracking People Up

He hasn't yet accepted what just happened.

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Here we have a fascinating example of someone who is reacting to an unexpected situation in an odd but completely understandable way.

Watch this video, submitted by TikTok user @fjerry, to see for yourself why so many opinions are flying around.


"He’s had some good therapy," writes one commenter.

"That’s literally refusing to face the reality," agrees another.

One viewer of the video imagines what he's thinking: "If I don't turn around, it didn't happen."

"Legends say he hasn’t looked back since," writes another melodramatically.

"Bruh, why is the car even designed that way if the back windshield is that fragile?" asks a commenter. "He didn’t slam it shut either."

We think it looks as if something was in the back that was misplaced enough to interfere with the window. But yes, he definitely seems not to want to acknowledge it with his eyes before he accepts it in his mind.

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