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Watch Video of Man's Car Suddenly Feeling Wobbly And He Finds Astonishing Thing When He Stops

This could have turned out worse.

This man was driving his car and out of nowhere it started to feel strange. You won't believe what he found when he stopped and checked it.

This TikTok video posted by @terrence.13_ reveals the mystery.


"You’re so lucky that was the only thing that happened," said a user.

Another agrees. "The best result is you're safe and nobody was affected in your surroundings."

One user commented, "Check your air pressure once in a while."

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Another asked, "Have you tried checking your oil?"

"That’s craaazy," said a user.

One viewer of the video offers this advice: "I’m pretty sure there were other signs before it got to that point, for instance the car feeling heavier."

"That tire had to have been flat for a long time for that happen. Get your TPMS fixed so you know next time," suggests another.

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