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Woman's Reaction to Automatic Car Wash Going Horribly Wrong Is Absolutely Priceless

Sometimes it just ain't your day.

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You know the feeling. You've wrapped up a day at work, you're finally ready to relax. Maybe you're feeling good and a little extra industrious, so you decide to stop by the car wash for one last chore before heading home to put your feet up. What could possibly go wrong, right?

That's where TikTok user @theshibshow comes in. In this video we see her stunned reaction to the most unexpected and startlingly unpleasant circumstances.


She's a good sport for sharing this!

"Update: I’m taking my car into the shop tomorrow and I’ll let you guys know what happened," she writes.

Some commenters thought they were quite funny in their responses.

"Did you try putting it in rice?" one asked.

Said another: "I’m not a mechanic but I’m at least 65% sure that’s not right."

"I mean, did you specify outside car wash only?" wondered one viewer of the clip.

Well, like we said, she seems like a good sport so I'm sure she can take the jokes. But wow, what a shock that must have been.

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