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Watch Woman's Reaction To Approaching Danger As Runaway Wheel Takes Astonishing Path

A commenter wonders why she didn't kick it away.

This woman sees a menace coming her way and is simply too stunned to react in swift enough time to avert disaster. Watch what happens with this runaway wheel at a gas station in a video posted by TikTok user @overtime.


"Why would you not kick it away from your car?" one commenter said.

"What goes around comes around," offers another.

Another wonders about "Your insurance company not believing you when you say 'it came out of no where'!"

And here's a similar point of few from another video viewer: "Imagine explaining this to your insurance."

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"Wow, it went straight to their car," offers one user in amazement at the physics involved.

"It shows us how the cars are made this days, disposable," writes a user.

And this commenter simply calls it the "evil wheel."

We don't know about "evil," but we are fascinated by the probability and physics involved here.

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