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Hysterical Mishap: Watch as Woman Takes Leaving Soda On Car Roof To Next Level

"It went the worst possible way it could have," says a commenter.

We've all done it at one point or another. The car's roof is an obvious place to set down the groceries or a coffee or soda while fumbling with the keys and getting inside. And most times, we remember the bag or cup or whatever it may be that we have set on the roof.

And even those times when we forget, we don't suffer a hilarious outcome like this woman did. This was one for the ages and TikTok user @failarmy shares it with us here.


"It went the worst possible way it could have," says a commenter.

Another agrees but says it the other way: "That couldn’t have went any better ."

"That's sodapressing," quips a user.

"Could have told her first," writes a viewer of the video, "Before laughing and her driving off."

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Another saw something similar: "Notice how she waited for her to be driving to tell her. She was literally stopped after she was reversing."

"That's soda's revenge," notes a commenter.

Here's a confession revealed: "I secretly hope this happens to my ex best friend."

At TurboFuture, we appreciate the physics and the probability involved that allowed the events to unfold as they did. Nobody got hurt, and it's pretty funny to watch it happen.

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