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Next-Level Car Stunt Is As Spectacular As It Is Dumb And Internet Users Have Comments

"Humans nowadays," remarks a reader.

A four-door car is seen on a flat stretch of road, up on cement blocks and with its back doors open. Suddenly, a small car is seen cruising toward it from the side with a man on its roof. So what's the stunt they are attempting? The moving car will drive underneath the car on blocks and the man on top will sail through the open doors, over the back seat and land back on the moving car on the other side. See how it goes in the video below.


Commenters are quick to react to the clip, which is posted to TikTok by @tech.

"Humans nowadays," remarks commenter @brothermonkey907.

"This stunt is next level," writes @tech. "Don't try this one at home."

"How are we supposed to try this at home?" asks @komidi.king.

User @wait___________what has a similar reaction. "'Don't try this at home.' How?" he wonders. "How could I even attempt to try this at home? Couldn't if I wanted to, which I do."

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"Why?" asks @thorstensowa. "Yes, but why?" adds @gunnigusti.

"Did he break his foot?" asks @klrmuffin. "Lucky it didn't get ripped off."

"Reason number 561,204 of why women live longer than men," surmises @_ricktok.

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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