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Video: Embarrassing Moment Understood as Driver's Horn Sticks Hilariously On In Slow Traffic and People Feel His Pain

"Second-hand embarrassment through the roof!" exclaims a sympathetic observer.

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A driver is innocently rolling down a busy road in Corpus Christi, Texas. Suddenly, a car to his left attempts to change lanes in front of him, but is way too close for comfort. So the driver, who has a dashcam running, honks his horn to warn the other car to get back in its lane, which it does. So everything should be just fine. Except that isn't. That horn he honked is stuck on in a constant blaring beep. Now the situation becomes embarrassing, as all the other drivers must either be wondering if they are doing something wrong or if the driver with the horn stuck on is completely nuts. Check out how hysterically cringey it all is in the video below (which understandably contains a bit of colorful language).


Uploaded by @dashcamlessons, the uproarious clip has naturally encouraged reactions in the comments section.

"Second-hand embarrassment through the roof!" exclaims commenter @joeyscungill.

"I can just imagine the other guy," surmises @abramalegria. "Like, okay, I get it!"

"I would have to pull over immediately," says @taylorgangz1.

"Yeah, please," agrees @ahappyjess. "The way I would cry."

"That wasn't even an option for this dude," interjects @joewillgo. "He's blocked in side from side, front to back."

User @texasgirllll_ imagines what the other drivers are thinking. "Them: 'Bro, it's not that serious,'" she writes.

Video viewer @kaoticwatching thinks about the possibility of "the guy in front with his anxiety attacks."

"I know my boy was red AF," sympathizes @gigisoicy.

"I would literally pull up to their window and apologize," suggests @whatthefukmaya.

Reader @bulldog007272 has a thought about the future. "That person ain't doing that ever again," he predicts.

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