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Crazy Video of Highway Menace Has Internet Buzzing And Of Course It's In Left Lane

How does this even work?

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These drivers, at first glance at least, don't look like professionals. We wonder how far they made this trip without getting pulled over.

TikTok user @timejoy shares this video that you will have to see to believe.


"Stopping is going to be interesting!" exclaims a commenter.

Another notes, "Y’all talking about stopping, I wanna know how they’ll turn."

One asks a series of questions with answers: "Is this legal? No. Is this safe? Absolutely not. Is this entertaining? Hell yes."

"That's so dangerous," notes a viewer of the video.

"I wouldn’t encourage it," says a TikTok user.

Another speculates, "Probably doesn’t even have a driver’s license."

And here's a good question: "What happened at a red light?"

More questions arise: "How is this working? How is this legal?"

"Is this legal? No. Is it safe? No. Does it work? Yes," writes a viewer with a positive spin.

And one more commenter with a sense of humor guesses at a practical matter. "Insurance company: Who was the the driver of the car who rear ended you? Them: Well it’s a long story."

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