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Intersection With Traffic Lights Off Elicits Astonishing Behavior Of Cars As Video Viewers Report Anxiety

"Looks like a video game or something," writes a viewer of the video.

Traffic lights are off at a busy intersection. Drivers generally understand that this situation calls for an inconvenient, but relatively safe, four-way stop. But not at the this intersection. These drivers all behave in pretty much the same nonchalant way, tempting fate and seemingly content to simply avoid disaster. A security camera catches video of the white-knuckle spectacle.


Uploaded by user @pubity, the video sets up some discussion among viewers.

"Looks like a video game or something," writes commenter @kayla_carter27.

"My anxiety is up watching this," says video creator @pubity.

"They're just accepting their fate," notes @kayla_carter27.

"Looks like a video game or something," writes commenter @kayla_carter27.

"This is South Africa, everyday," writes 0_tristan_0. "They turn off the power here all the time.

"Society if we banded together and overtook the government," imagines @twiggytumbler.

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To which @thesexdirector replies, "Well, without a government there would be no order and no laws leading to a society that is worse than our current one."

"Everybody making jokes," writes @

britebytes. "But this could genuinely be the world if all cars were self-driving, because they can wirelessly send each other their velocity."

"What about hackers?" asks @newageoracle. "My biggest worry with self-driving cars."

User @heighleigh__ marvels at one thing: "There were so many close calls," she remarks.

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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