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Policeman Unjustly Pulling Driver Over Scrams When He Finds Out She Has Dashcam

Video clearly shows the driver had come to a full halt at a stop sign.

The woman says she likes the police in general, but this particular incident troubled her. She was smart and lucky to have a dashcam on as she was about to be pulled over for something she didn't know. And the method being employed to pull her over was unconventional as well. 

Posted by TikTok user @idunno.....1, you'll see in the video below what that method was and the policeman's reaction to finding out a dashcam was active.


"I like the police, but not a fan of this guy," writes the uploader of the video. "He lied and justified his actions instead of taking accountability. No lights, no sirens, and speeding. His sergeant has this footage. Hopefully he'll get reprimanded for putting us in danger."

"Bro left so fast after hearing 'camera.'" writes commenter @sniped__.

Viewer of the video @63cohencpa agrees. "He know he was wrong. He just up and left," he says.

"They always think they can do what they want, no matter what, even when they’re in the wrong," writes @jboogie1188. "And I don't mean all of them, but most."

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"Accuses you of not stopping, but then barely stops at the light," comments @arielle_faith.

"He knew he was wrong from the start," says @thepositiveact. "That’s why he didn’t pull you over from behind."

User @tattooed_traveler sums it up like this: "That's why I love my dashcam."

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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