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Policeman Makes Hilarious Mistake and His Reaction When Noticing Is Priceless

All of us are human and this guy proves it.

We all make the occasional mistake while driving. But not all of us are police officers. And some cops have a miscue every now and then as well.

But this guy, in a video posted by @officer_mater, has a very funny reaction when he notices what he forgot about.


This viewer of the video simply acknowledges "his face when he realized!"

"I love the silent staring contest for solid 10 seconds," writes another.

"I initially thought the cop was flirting," says one commenter.

Another apparently thought the same thing. "OK, but the cop is looking at the guy filming like he is in love with him."

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And another has a similar reaction: "I swear at first I thought he was flirting with the officer in the car."

"They are humans too i guess," says one. "Damn, my reptilian theory fell down so quickly."

One user enjoys the moment: "LMAO, love cops with humor."

We agree, and we posted this because we thought the interaction between the driver and the policeman was priceless.

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