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Police Pull Over Driverless Car As Entertained Onlookers Gather To See What Happens

"Oh my god, I have to watch this," says a bystander.

Police pull over a car at night in a busy downtown, presumably because its headlights are not on. Upon closer inspection, it turns out there is no one in the driver's seat. Bystanders gather to take in the scene. Suddenly, the driverless car starts forward, looking a bit like a rogue vehicle evading police. But, rather astonishingly, it was simply finding a safer place to park by the side of the road. The video below unveils what happens.


Posted to TikTok by user @sineadbovell, the clip shows that the driverless car not only recognized it was being pulled over and obliged, it actually sought out a more protected and secure location for the traffic stop than where it initially occurred.

"Wait," writes commenter @aos334. "The car actually stopped for the cops?"

"'The car did recognize it was being pulled over and stopped,'" notes user @katsy2k. "I don't know if I should laugh or be afraid."

"One day it will be robot cops and the video will be even weirder," says @heavyhistory.

Video viewer @thecompendium has a question. "How are they going to fill their quotas without people to fine?" she asks.

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"This is one of the most hilarious videos I've seen," laughs @luimaz20.

"They were so confused when there was no one to tase," cracks @markymark706.

"The car was drinking," says @markymark706. "Make it walk the DUI test."

"Pretty well-behaved car," notes @i.lovemariaa. "Props to whoever engineered it."

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