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Security Cam Catches Angry Woman Keying Car In Sacramento and the Video Provokes Outrage

"Wow, that's going to cost her," writes a viewer of the video.

A Sacramento woman is shown from a security camera approaching a driveway, then a house, and then suddenly reverses her steps with a devious mission in mind. Something has made her very angry, and she makes a very poor decision. On video, she keys a car and doesn't even stop there. Look what she does to the hood of the vehicle.


TikTok user @crimeoncamera posts the video and starts up a heated discussion.

"Wow, that's going to cost her," writes commenter @tatter_salad_momma.

"Please tell me she will pay for the fix," says

"He has another woman in the house," guesses @shelviareed.

"Yup," writes @gymrat76541. "California."

"OMG!" exclaims @yamiqueenb. "That's going to cost her a lot, and jail time!"

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Viewer of the video @elohimandme has a take of her own. "Oh no," she says. "Karen is absolutely going to jail."

"I would call the cops," remarks @julykatia37.

"It's 2022," notes @ajlarcher. "Why do people still believe they can get away with anything?"

"She will look good in orange," surmises @jimedwards923.

Reader @pennybarnes745 sums up what just happened. "Yup," he says. "That was most definitely personal."

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