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Video Treat: Super-Fast McLaren Speedtail Takes On F-35 Fighter Jet In Thrilling Runway Race

"Most beautiful video I've ever seen!" exclaims a viewer.

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Someone has imagined an idea for a video that really works visually. First, take one of the coolest looking and fastest cars around (in this case a sleek McLaren Speedtail) and put a professional driver behind the wheel. Then, get a pilot and and an F-35 Lightning II fighter jet and watch them both show off their machines at the same time in the same place. The result is spectacular and you can check it out yourself in the video below.


Uploaded to TikTok by user @unknownuserx001, the clip has elicited a number of remarks in the comments section.

"Most beautiful video I've ever seen!" exclaims @athenazi63.

"This was actually a cool race," writes @vitek__scropy. "But you have no chance against a fighter jet flying much faster."

"I love the do-not-attempt warnings, haha!" laughs @jolucaheo.

Commenter @cheryldavies1666 agrees. "'The actions are performed by professionals,'" she notes the video as saying. "I'm going to find an F-35 to race against with my nonexistent McLaren."

"Gosh, that was amazing!" says @dyabel1. "I got such a high, I couldn't stop laughing!"

"Loved this episode and got chills watching it again," writes @zuzanna8923. "Just wow!"

"This guy has one sick story to tell his kids," surmises @caesarthyknight.

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