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Tow Truck Zooms Into Lot, Repos Car In the Blink Of an Eye and Viewers React

"Smooth work, bro," writes a viewer of the video.

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A tow truck is on a car repossession mission. The driver pulls into an office center parking lot, finds the vehicle it needs to take, and with some very quick moves first pulls it out into the parking lot, then scrambles around the parking lot to grab it by the back. From there it attaches to the car, pulls it up so only the car's front wheels are on the ground, and takes off. Check out the video below and see how quickly this operation takes place.


The clip, posted to TikTok by @chrissuarez22, has sparked some comments.

"Smooth work, bro," writes commenter @ftw_gove.

"You picked it up at someone's work?" asks @nomadicwanderer1.

"Yup, because they kept it in the garage at home," replies @chrissuarez22.

"That AT&T worker is going to be mad," surmises @guccitictok.

"I'm so glad I paid off my car," says @kermit_frog_the. "I got behind the last four months. I was so scared of getting towed."

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