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Video: Model Car Pulling Trailer Shows Effect of Weight Distribution For Safety

A simple but effective prototype explains a lot about how to pack a trailer for safety on the road.

Models can be useful to demonstrate simple realities about real life. This case is such an example. Here we have a model car on a treadmill pulling a trailer with places to put weights and practice distributing them in the front and back in various combinations. 

Posted by TikTok user @tech, see what happens and what you can learn as weights are distributed around the model trailer.


"This clip shows you exactly how important balanced weight distribution is!" writes the uploader of the video.

"Why would you ever put a load behind the back axle on a trailer?" asks @nateolson94.

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"Excellent," writes @martin___818. "But info I'll never need."

"Not accurate," kids @tjhoeker. "It's on a Mustang. They have no control."

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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