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Woman Explains How She Caught Her Husband Cheating Using the 'Amazon Echo'

What a way to find out!

The advent of "smart home devices" have created a variety of new ways to more efficiently run our living spaces. When paired with interactive gadgets like Amazon Echo on a home network, it can allow us to start the dishwasher, preheat an oven, or do many other tasks with a simple command. Of course, many users have a shared concern: are our devices actively listening to us?

Like much of modern technology, sometimes the limits of what gadgets can do are set by their owners. The capabilities of smart devices certainly can cause more problems than they solve for some users. Sometimes, as TikTok creator @simplystyledsocial found out, these can be life-altering consequences.

Clearly this is a painful realization, albeit a very clever way to find out. Commenters were supportive of the original poster and outraged by the behavior. Nady Rowland wrote, "She has some nerve to tell your alexa to set up a timer. She clearly felt very comfortable in your house!" "I had no idea you could listen to the voice history. How cool!," said chartnony. Danica Lee confessed, "I have a bunch of these… I never knew this! We hardly use it, other than to yell at her lol. didn’t even it know it could do all these things."

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