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Check Out the Unique Look a Car Gets In a Video As It Is Painted By a Pendulum

This is a pretty wild approach to painting an automobile.

This car gets painted using a pendulum in a video you pretty much have to see to appreciate how it's done. And the result has some mixed results: Some think it's cool and great, while others aren't so sure.

The video is posted by TikTok user @Tech.


"Actually looks dope," writes a commenter.

"I am sure that is temporary washable paint," asserts another that doesn't seem to be able to imagine permanently decorating a car in this fashion.

"Not my style," a viewer of the video writes. "Cool, though."

One exclaims: "Cool Artcar!"

This is an interesting take from a user making a comparison: "Reminds me of early 2000 timeout screens."

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"I wonder how many cars this guy went through to get it perfect," says a thoughtful viewer of the video.

"Should've done the whole car at once," offers one, perhaps with some advice for next time.

And this user offers a bit of advice as well: "Should prop car on its sides to do them too. Looks cool!"

Another is not so sure: "Poor car," the video viewer laments.

We like the technology and the creativity, and we're glad the video was posted so we could share it.

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