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Check Out Video of This Camouflage Boat That Is Built To Blend In With Rocky Shoreline

This boat seriously rocks.

We're not sure exactly what the purpose of this stealth boat is, but there is no shortage of speculation in the comments. From legitimate functions such as the Secret Service to less reputable enterprises like smuggling operations, questions abound.

The video is shared with us by TikTok user @tech and is very cool to watch.


"So how is a moving rock stealthy?" asks a commenter.

Another speculates hilariously on who the owner may be: "Dwayne Johnson's yacht."

"This design is 'boulder' than anything I've seen before," writes someone with a knack for puns.

A few viewers of the video see an opportunity for some illegal activity here. "Smuggling boat," one suggests.

"Colombian cartel might be interested," another agrees.

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"Pablo Escobar would be smiling right now," writes one.

This user speculates about owning the vessel, saying "If I have that boat I won't be showing it on the Internet."

"Don’t need a boat license," another surmises. "You can just blend in."

Another observes that "Everybody will notice this, so what is the point to do this?"

Good question. But that's perhaps what's most fun about the video: the questions it brings up about why it was made and what it could be used for.

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