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Man Shares Why a Person's Choice of Phone Shouldn't Define Them

He totally has a point!

For years, the rivalry between iPhone users and Android users has pitched battle throughout society and pop culture. Content has extolled the virtues of one side while attempting to mercilessly demean and ostracize the other strictly on their preference of cell phone models. While some owners have managed to overcome their differences and peacefully coexist, this divide has led to strained relations between friends and family, along with creating another fault line in presumptions. 

One of the biggest arguments is that the iPhone, as the more expensive device compared to most Android phones, is a sign of material wealth. Those who choose to use a Samsung or Google phone must be broke, this logic dictates. For those who find that characterization offensive or at least distasteful, TikTok user @shoandtech offers a refreshing break-down of someone who thinks Android ownership can be a dealbreaker for pursuing relationships. 

I'm not sure if I'm more impressed with the thorough analysis of this takedown or the utter savagery executed in this video. Putting this hypocrisy on blast is not only hilarious but is really the only way to deter this aberrant behavior moving forward. I'm also looking at the Burberry scarf she wears, which may be worth more than her earbuds and phone combined.

The commenters back the poster's mindset. "Imagine not dating someone because of a phone... Some people dont care what they have as long as it works...," remarked Bltkrc. Big Mitchey P noted, "LoL my ip68 phone works underwater and had twice the ram of her iphone.... no contest." "apple people always assume Android is like the old LG phones or the budget Samsung phones," suggested Arnoldo Texta. 

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