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Compressed Air, Plus A Running PC, Plus A Nearby Candle Equals An Explosive Result

Folks, don't use compressed air near open flames, no matter how small.

Here’s a pointer for everyone that uses compressed air cans to clean their electronics: make sure no open flames are nearby.

This poor guy could have used that tip before he attempted to clean the inside of his gaming PC with compressed air while a candle was burning nearby.

As you can probably imagine, the results are positively explosive.


Posted by a TikTok user known as Life On The Edge, the user only has one person to blame for this disaster: Boba Fett — his bobble-head inside the gaming PC.

Sure, because this had nothing to do with the candlelight we can see in the reflection of the shut-off monitor to the left? Right.

“If you look at the reflection there was already a small fire,” one commenter points out. “This only made it worse.”

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“Can’t believe people can’t even use compressed air properly,” another commenter said with dismay.

“Wait, hol up. ITS PLUGGED IN!!?” a viewer commented in disbelief, which we completely feel as well — always turn it off first.

And finally, we have another excellent question with, “Bro why are you shaking the can?”

Not only should you not use the compressed air near an open fire, but you must not shake it beforehand. That’s what produces that cold but somehow flammable gas instead of just the canned air.

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