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This Incredible But Impractical Computer Hack Can Give You The Ultimate Privacy Screen

This will take a lot of ingenuity and finesse, but this privacy screen hack should be flawless.

Privacy screens for laptops and tablets have been available for several years — most of HP’s laptops come with such a feature. But, they’ve yet to achieve 100% privacy for the user.

This TikToker known as Professional_Step_Bro has taken it upon themselves to directly solve this problem.

However, their methods are a bit … barbaric? They certainly have a unique interpretation of the words “privacy screen.”


Well, that’s a unique approach to a privacy screen, from shattering an old screen for its reflective layer to slapping it on some frames for the closest proximity to your eyes as possible, thanks to Professional_Step_Bro on TikTok.

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Unfortunately, this is going to be almost impossible for most people to carry out. Bringing their displays to the brink of broken just to get a heightened level of privacy isn’t going to fly for almost anyone.

The hack works by removing the reflective layer on the screen, which is what allows for the pixels to display the color data from the input device, and applying them to glasses lenses. This means that everyone else without the glasses will see just white light, but you will see what is actually supposed to be displayed.

OK, so it’s entirely impractical and would never fly in an office setting, contrary to what this TikTok tries to imply. But, it’s certainly cool that it works.

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