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Man Calmly Disrespects Driver Blocking Crosswalk With Epic Move And People Have Opinions

This guy very coolly sends a message and you will not believe what he does until you see it.

We all know not to stop our cars at intersections in the middle of a pedestrian crosswalk. But we never would expect a reaction like this from a man on foot. 

TikTok user @overtime shares the video that is truly a must-see.


"Now that's a life lesson," one commenter says. "Remember, never stop on a crosswalk."

Another writes, "Give that man a medal."

"I respect the disrespect, bruh," says a viewer of the video.

One confesses, "I legit thought this was a video game."

A user writes, "Respect for the guy walking went way up."

"That is the most epic middle finger I’ve ever seen," observes someone in the comments.

Here's a thought: "I really wonder what Karen would do right here. Who would she blame?"

"I love this guy man," writes a viewer.

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We wouldn't recommend handling the situation like that, but we admit it was a pretty cool move. No one or thing got hurt, except maybe the driver's ego.

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