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iPhone Hack Makes It Easy to Copy Multiple Texts at Once

This is a real time-saver

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Okay, we get that some first-world problems are not as urgent or life-threatening as we sometimes make them out to be. At most, they are inconveniences. But when we have a way to fix these small issues, it feels like our lives get so much easier.

One minor but annoying inconvenience we may encounter on a regular basis is of copying and pasting multiple texts individually to send to someone else. For example, someone needs the day, time and location of a party. You got this information from someone else, but unfortunately, they sent it through multiple texts.

In the past, you had two options: Type everything out by hand or copy and paste the information one by one. Now, you don't have to do either.

TikTok user @lina_n_house posted a video explaining how you can copy and paste multiple text messages in one go. This is a game-changer for lazy people (claim the title loud and proud!).

Literally so easy, and it makes you feel like you're using some type of futuristic object.

Viewers were in awe and they let the comments section know. "A tip I have never seen before, thank you!!!" @agent.amanda said. "Omg I just tried it and it worked," @imjacquis said. 

Others had funnier reactions. "I just tried this and accidentally transferred a power of attorney to my hair stylist," @rawstylus said. "I [just send a] screenshot," @norasalgado815 said.

Sure, there's probably a more practical way to do it. But do any of them look this cool? We don't think so.