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Man Shares 'Corporate Secret' to Make It Look Like Someone Is 'In-Office' When They're Gone

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An unfortunate pitfall of working in an office is never knowing when your boss might randomly check in on you. 

What if you need a quick stretch break or to go on a walk? We all need a break after sitting at a desk for an extended period of time. You're an adult (you even have the office job to prove it) and have the right to make that decision for yourself. Well, your boss might have something to say about that. After all, if they walk by and don't see you working and your computer's asleep, they might get the wrong idea about what you've been doing on company time (I'll let you fathom what that might be. And hey, better you fathoming that than your boss.) Luckily for us, TikTok user @holdthechili has a solution.

If you can make it appear that you've only just left your computer, because the screen hasn't gone to sleep, who's to say how long you've been gone? If your boss asks where you've been, you can just say you were in the bathroom. Your computer never went to sleep, so you obviously weren't gone for very long. Seems like a nice hack, let's see how the internet responded. 

Turns out, they were, unanimously, not in favor of this hack. As @Candance wrote "I'm not leaving my computer unlocked and unattended around anyone at my job." While @Selda said, "Rule #1 You don't ever leave a computer unlocked when you're not in front of it. Specially, in a corporate setting." For those of you who still want to give this a shot anyway, @Blueski00 pointed out, "I don't know what company you work for. Most companies have that feature disabled." 

I guess some things, like getting paid to work without actually working, are too good to be true. But maybe your company doesn't know about this? If you're fortunate enough to be in that situation, and you trust your coworkers around your computer, would you try this?