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This Crazy Carnival Ride Hack Is Genius And Has The Internet Chattering

If this contraption gets going any faster it could be dangerous.

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If you live in the country with a lot of land to maintain, you might be surrounded by machinery that helps you toil all day long, managing the property. If you are the creative type, apparently you may just come up with innovative ideas about things to do with it.

These men decided to try something really wacky: rigging a device so a four-wheeler pulling it creates an outrageous ride suited for a carnival.

TikTok user @failarmy shares this video of such a contraption and you will have to see it to believe it.


"Backwoods NASA training. I like it," says one commenter.

Another remarks, "bro got a headache if anything."

"Any more then 12G’s is likely lethal. Mans had a near death experience," writes a viewer of the video with a safety warning.

To which another commenter says, "Imagine if he would have really took off."

"Why woman live longer then men," someone adds. Hmmm.

We just thought we would demonstrate what can be done with the right equipment, a little ingenuity and of course, a little too much time on your hands.

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