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Creepy Life-Sized Barbie In Video Freaks Out the Internet And People React

"Wow!" a reader exclaims. "How did she do that?"

Whether it's an app or deepfake technology, a video has people talking. We see what looks like a doll standing perfectly still and then suddenly she reveals herself to be human and that's when viewers of the video are shocked and take notice. The question that keeps coming up is, "What is the deal with those eyes?" 


Posted to TikTok by @nakamoriakinai, this video invokes viewers' reactions.

"Wow, how did she do that?" asks commenter @hfhyfjy.

"I literally was like, 'Don't move, don't move, don't move,'" writes @janessifer.

"She still didn't blink when she moved," says @adialenamartinez.

"How did you get that look?" inquires @serenatabitha.

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"She really looks like a doll," remarks a confounded @epibetancourt798.

"I actually knew it was a real person," claims @vlnightmarez. "The hair gave it away."

"No, because what?" wonders @creativemind398. "This is wild. How?"

Viewer @justice4you0 ponders another question entirely. "Not sure whether I should be excited or freak out if I woke up to see this next to me," he says.

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