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Man's Parody of Working in Customer Service Is LOL Funny

Pretty sure all customer service reps feel this way.

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It's not an exaggeration when we say that customer service workers are constantly having their patience tested. Customer service is a very frustrating job, and sometimes, customers don't make it any easier.

TikTok creator @farbsy posted a video reenacting a (presumably) common scenario that anyone in customer service can relate to. If you know, you know.

It do be like that sometimes. All customer service workers have their polite customer service voice, but when they're done, they're going. to take it down a couple of octaves.

Before you get mad, note that viewers have had similar experiences, which they shared in the comments section. "Every time. Then I quickly doubled check we disconnected the call," @remioftiktok said. "It’s not even 10 a.m. and I’ve had this 'conversation' already four times," @vatzup said. "I've done something similar and realized that I hadn't hung up yet," @sonyapalaisy said. Literally, a nightmare.

One viewer did have a positive story to share. "I received an email today praising my customer service that I provided and I was taken aback… it was so …. Unexpected from the normal angry emails," @the_holly_roger said. Now, that's really sweet!

This just goes to show that you should be as kind as possible to your customer service reps. Their jobs can be stressful and they're really just trying to help you out. A little empathy can go a long, long way.