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Dashcam: Driver's Expert Evasive Action Miraculously Avoids Multiple-Car Collision On Highway

The video has viewers comparing the maneuver to a sequence of events in Grand Theft Auto.

A car with a dashcam is cruising calmly along a highway, when a car ahead suddenly veers off onto the shoulder to reveal abruptly slowing traffic. The car ahead is traveling at regular speed until it turns onto the shoulder, so the braking traffic is entirely visually obscured to the driver with the dashcam.

Naturally, this means there is no opportunity to brake to avoid a collision, so the dashcam car has one alternative only, and successfully pulling that off will involve some tremendous skill. The video below shows what happens.


The TikTok video is provided by @trapviralvids, and the expert driving is being applauded and even compared to playing GTA.

"That's what I call skilled," writes @inkeperasa.

"Bro, you must be a god at driving," marvels @adasmith679.

"Bro plays GTA," says @axton0_0. "That's what I'm saying," agrees @ilovetoes58.

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Video viewer @not_jausalin notes, "Me in GTA all the time."

"Me in GTA when I just customized my car," clarifies @eleina_loves_u.

"That's called a good driver," writes @lolafaulkenberry.

User @isaak102911 has a guess about the driver's past: "Bro's probably been driving since he was five," he suggests.

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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