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Deepfake Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Back, Baby — This Time As Borat

We can't get enough of these deepfake Arnold Schwarzenegger videos, and this Borat one is "very nice."
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Deepfakes are a terribly scary technology that could destabilize modern civilization beyond repair. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s watch some funny deepfakes!

Today, we have another gem from Joe Gaudet on TikTok, this time casting a deepfaked Arnold Schwarzenegger as Sacha Baron Cohen. Naturally, the results are hilarious.


Thanks to Joe Gaudet for posting this one to TikTok. We’re not quite sure how Gaudet replicates Arnold’s voice. It could just as easily be a genuine impression from Gaudet as it could be part of the deepfake process.

Here’s how readers are taking in this strange new development in the deepfake trend.

“This is the laugh I never knew I needed,” one viewer admitted.

“So you can pretty much make anyone say just about anything at any time and make it look real,” one viewer said. “Scary times.”

To which Gaudet replied, “You need the performance from an actor. But we do these for entertainment. Not for malicious purposes.”

This confirms the fact that the deepfaked Arnold’s voice is produced by an impressionist actor. It’s sort of refreshing knowing that at least some part of the deepfake process requires a skilled impressionist — at least for now.

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