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Delivery Driver's Sweet Reaction When She Gets a Pleasant Surprise Is Reminder To All Of Us

This is a good lesson for all of us for kindness and how to go the extra mile for strangers.

We don't always take the time to think of others, but it's a great idea to stand out from the crowd by showing appreciation for the people in our lives.

In this video from TikTok user @kimskitchenaffair, we see a great example of showing kindness to delivery drivers who have become a part of our lives. Perhaps we should all remember to follow this example and help make the world a better place.


"That's so kind of you," says one commenter. "And very nice of her to take just what she needed."

Another comments, "I used to work for UPS and I loved families that do this for us delivery drivers! It’s the little things that count."

"This is so nice from you," agrees another viewer of the video.

"While I was working for UPS last year this type of stuff really helps so if more people do this it would be great," says another.

"Wow, that's really kind," writes another.

And there are still more grateful reactions. "I am a delivery driver and you don’t know how much this makes our day. Thank you for your kindness!"

"This is such a sweet interaction," notes one more. "The world needs more people like you and that delivery woman."

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We agree.

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