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Comedian Shows How Different Generations React to the Doorbell and It's Priceless

He hit the nail right on the head!

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One thing about millennials and Gen Zers is that we're doing to do things much differently than folks from older generations, especially when it comes to social interaction. I mean, who willingly answers the door whenever the doorbell rings? Boomers, that's who.

Comedian Jake Lambert (@jakelambertcomedian) posted a hilarious TikTok accurately portraying this difference. Tag yourself, I'm Gen Z.

Like, where's the lie? Boomers have no issue and nearly no hesitation in answering the door. So brave! Gen Xers are a bit more hesitant. They'll check their cameras and usually answer the doors anyways. Millennials, bless their hearts, will try to disappear and make it seem like no one is home. And Gen Zers are absolutely unbothered. Iconic

Viewers agreed for the most part. "Millennial: it’s true. No one should be ringing the doorbell unless I already know they’re on the way," TikTok user @five_little_ducks commented under the video. "I'm such a stereotypical millennial it hurts," said.

Many millennial commenters speculated that they are this way because as kids, their parents left them alone and told them to never answer the door no matter what. Makes sense, honestly.

Other viewers said they resonated more with other generations. "Gen X but 100% with the millennials on this one. If you want to come to my house, I’m going to need that in writing seven days in advance," @mazhysteria said.

I can say that as Gen Z, you will never catch me answering the doorbell, and you will never catch my Gen Z friends ringing it. They'll just text me that they're here. Gotta love communication these days.