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Man Shares Cool 'Disney Plus' Hacks We Can't Wait to Try

Who knew it could do this much?

One of the most popular and successful streaming services to start recently is Disney Plus. The entertainment powerhouse now has one home for all the amazing movies, shows, and brands it has created (or bought) over the decades. Their appeal not only draws in fans of many different franchises, it also shows that we're never too old to want to feel like children again, even if just for a couple hours. 

Alongside the countless hours of old shows and films, Disney Plus has become a great destination for original content, including some long-awaited sequels and reboots of titles from the past. What some fans really love, however, are the behind-the-scenes shows that cover the parks, the company's history, and other elements that Disney fans adore. As Tiktok user @howcanistream shows, there is some incredible magic hiding in the menus, just waiting to be discovered. 

This is part of a series this creator has done for his channel, and these are some terrific tips. Disney Plus has a gigantic library of content and it can be difficult figuring out where to start or trying to find new opportunities. I put on "Sunrise at Magic Kingdom Park" while I write this piece. I find the music and shots to be quite serene company and not overly distracting.

Commenters were very impressed by this find in the digital vault. "The Disney+ collections are super underrated. I didn’t remember that this particular one exists but it checks out," Rebecca remarked. ez pz mentioned, "the dory one reminds me of the old finding nemo menu screen that i would keep playing for hours." SheldonsBooks apparently has a favorite: "I like the fireplace one with Olaf. He randomly pops up"

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