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Video Showing a Day in the Life of a Disney Product Designer Is So Fascinating

We'd love to trade places with her!

There are some companies in the United States that seemingly never want for job applicants, based on their reputations or standing in the economic and cultural spheres. In the entertainment sector, there may be no company that has the same appeal to workers across all the different skill sets they need than Disney. The company employs hundreds of thousands of people, from the park workers to many different engineering and technology specialists, all dubbed "cast members."  

When asked "what's it like to work for Disney?" the answers will certainly vary. Animators working in the California studios have a different routine and responsibilities than the veterinarians who care for the different animals at the parks in Florida. Luckily, TikTok user @xtineseo gave us a chance to follow her for a day as a product designer and see what's it's like working for Mickey Mouse.

Commenters showed their desire to join the poster at Disney. jasane replied, "Omg I want to work for Disney so bad, do you give referrals?" "Oh wow! That’s awesome! cool flex," mentioned Marcede Sh'Rea. suh-leen recalled, "I went to the summit! it was really cool in-person — def recc going next year!!"

My significant other has worked for Disney in the past in different capacities, so she proudly identifies as a "former cast member." It is really cool to see someone their work routine, especially in a field like product design that gets a lot of attention but is trickier to explain. That thread of creativity that follows Disney's history, from a simple animation studio to the global power of today, runs through this talented individual. 

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