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DIY Hologram Creates Amazing Lifelike Effects

Incredibly cool visual effects!

Major advancements in imaging technology have astounded the public and created new possibilities for many different endeavors, ranging from medicine to entertainment. A substantial portion of this research has been focused around 3-D images and how to create more of them, even trying to make them more lifelike. 3-D imaging has also led to more ingenuity from professionals who push the envelope of what's possible in their fields and for the public in general. 

These advancements in 3-D imaging have brought back holograms to public interest, looking increasingly like modern, computer-driven animation than previous examples. Using cutting-edge devices, holograms are bigger and more lifelike than before. However, YouTube user @Mrwhosetheboss shows us an amazing display created with an innovative design.

To be able to transfer the same process used to create a hologram on a cell phone with a small screen to a massive flat screen TV takes incredible ingenuity and talent. Creating that image with those animals coming to life is fantastic and hopefully we can learn how to do that on a sustainable scale. I'm sure the bird pooping was unintentional but that's very lifelike (and in some cultures, that's good luck as well).

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Commenters were amazed by the process and results. Azib Habim recalled, "That 7 years old video is the first video I watched from your channel. So nostalgic." "Why was I expecting a massive Rick Astley hologram," remarked ys1r. BlockBoi responded, "your masterpiece was the reason why you became so popular."

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