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Pet Parents Get Dog His Own Robot and We're Totally Here for It

They can even control it from their phones!

People have kept pets at their homes for centuries for various reasons, most of which relate to how much we love sharing our lives with them. While many generations have had dogs and cats in farms, fields, helping tend livestock, and even involved with hunting, nowadays we get to keep them mostly inside the home with us. For those who can't stay at home with their four-legged friends, there are ways to help keep track of our pets during the day, especially when those furry family members suffer from anxiety or separation issues. 

For those who can't stay at home with their pets, there are concerns about coming home to chewed cushions and scratched-up furniture. Some people go with streaming options, while others have found more active tools to check on the home while keeping pets busy. TikTok user @minidoodlebentley shares a clever way for pets to stay active - and watched - while owners are away.

This is such a cool video, and not just for using the throwback theme from the Austin Powers movies. It's important to keep pets physically and mentally engaged to promote healthy habits - this little buddy does both. Being able to control the robot and monitor remotely gives owners some extra benefits. 

Comments on this video ranged from concerns about the robot's durability to curious questions. Christiantuchel asked, "Thats so cool. Where did you get it?" "Can it go on carpet and rugs?" inquired Clint Connor107. Blue and Yuno advised, "Don’t try this with Huskies tho."

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