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Cutest Video In the World: Handyman Wonderfully Plays With Dog With No Idea He Is On Security Camera

"Dogs can tell when someone has good vibes," writes a viewer of the video.

A handyman is in the house, and unbeknownst to him, he is being watched by the homeowner on a security camera. But sometimes a person is watched and is seen in a glowing light. Watch this guy's super fun interaction with the family dog. It doesn't get cuter than the video below.


Posted to TikTok by @bossykennelsmaui, the clip understandably elicits responses from commenters.

"Dogs can tell when someone has good vibes," writes commenter @5p4rt4.

"Just a happy man enjoying his job," writes @rsmaro.

"The handyman knew the assignment," says @jackiestacey67."

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Reader @sagemama02 has a great story that is similar. "I had a repair man leave me a note," she says. "'Fixed AC, should be running fine now. And walked your dog before we left.'"

"Protect this man at all cost," writes @dont.touchmystuff.

"He must be a good person," says @howskennethwong. "You can tell the dog knows."

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