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Driver's Car Is On Fire and His Quick Impressive Reaction Amazes People

That is some swift response time.

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Another driver tries to tell this man something no one on the road wants to hear: His car is on fire and he needs to act fast. What he does is remarkable to see.

Take a look in this video posted by TikTok user @failarmy.


"That’s the most impressive tuck-and-roll I’ve ever seen in my life," notes a commenter.

"He jumped outta his car like he was playing GTA," writes another.

"Yo, he tucked for one rotation then stood up," acknowledges a video viewer.

"You know gas prices are too high when your own car decides to end its own life," surmises a video watcher.

"Man said 'I am on fire, huh? Watch this trick,'" someone suggests he was thinking.

"That was a smooth exit, though," writes another.

"He rolled out like he was in a movie scene," notes a viewer of the video.

We're just glad it looks as if he is safe. The car we hope, is the only casualty.

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