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Video: Bird Descends On Drone and Attacks It In Wild Aerial Confrontation

It seems the drone was mistaken for a bird of prey.

It's always a sight at which to marvel when smaller birds go on the offensive against hawks and eagles, trying with all their might to defend their nests from the larger predators. We admire their courage and valor, doing whatever they can to protect their own.

Posted by TikTok user @tech, the video below shows us what can happen when a drone is mistaken for a threat to the nest.


"A bird is not happy with this drone," writes the creator of the video.

"This bird is a warrior," says commenter @nightswings.

Viewer of the video @lunatized declares, "Mother Nature has spoken!"

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"The bird revolution has begun!" announces @padgeskar.

"Too close to a nest?" asks @helenh3100. "They'd attack a hawk or any bird of prey that came too close."

"See, this is why robots won't ever take over, right here," surmises @wabitajankins.

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