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Man Attempts Risky Drone Video of Erupting Lava Lake On Iceland Volcano, Then Hopes It Can Return

"I'm straight up amazed it survived that heat," writes commenter @802garage.

A drone pilot has an ambitious and risky plan. A volcano In Iceland is erupting and lava is spilling out and even shooting into the air. He decides to fit a GoPro onto a drone and fly it over the most active area to see what kind of footage he can get. As the video below demonstrates, the images he gets are astonishing, but it's a tense wait to see if the drone returns and what kind of shape it's in if it does.


Posted by @p_shep1, the clip understandably elicits reactions from viewers.

"I'm straight up amazed it survived that heat," writes commenter @802garage.

"I believe the cost was worth the content because that is better than any national geographic clip I've seen," says @kmonkiizz. "Beautiful, brutha!"

"No clue how much that drone cost, but totally worth it!" exclaims @r6x6r.

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"'Dude, I messed something up,'" mimics @kozski. "Yeah, you melted it. Nice footage, though."

"That footage was well worth it, bro," congratulates @164scalewars_guy. "National Geographic worthy for sure."

"The shots are incredible at no risk of human life," remarks @enskaldr."Little guy can get new props!"

Viewer @queen_ulfhrafn was impressed with the quality of the camera work. "Footage was so clean, though!" he writes.

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