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Watch Spectacular Video Of Drone Light Show At Disneyland Paris

The drone lights are juxtaposed with the famous castle.

A drone light show has moved into the evening entertainment spotlight at Disneyland Paris. We're used to seeing fireworks majestically lighting up the Disney castle, but this is something different. Here we see water fountains shooting into the air, the castle lighting up with colors, and drones illuminating the sky above. 

Posted by TikTok user @themeparkreview, check out the spectacle in the video below.


"So no more fireworks at Disneyland Paris?" asks @nerdn6.

The creator of the video, @themeparkreview, replies, "This is a different show from the fireworks show."

So it sounds as if they still both exist. We wonder how long it will be before drone shows completely replace fireworks shows.

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"Nice, bro!" exclaims commenter @godmasterofroblox89210.

"You should go see the Dollywood drone show!" writes @katelin.yeah. "That one is really cool! But if you want to go, go soon. It’s only a summer show!"

Viewer of the video @joshie_poo07 recalls another show as well. "I remember when Universal did this on the Hogwarts castle and they had drones with Petronas in the air," he says.

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