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Stunning Drone Video of Blackwater Falls, West Virginia Enchants Viewers

"I appreciate your work," writes a viewer of the video. "It’s so therapeutic."

An expert drone pilot takes us soaring through the hills, over the trees and along a river in West Virginia. Most majestically, the video from the drone captures images of beautiful Blackwater Falls from above, first going up, then in a sweeping visual, coming back down along the falls below. 

Posted to TikTok by user @p_shep1, as luck would have it, we can enjoy for ourselves the video below.


"I appreciate your work," writes commenter @thando_____d. "It’s so therapeutic."

"God's creation is stunning," proclaims @codex8519.

"I can't tell you how much this helped me," writes @jimmy14963.

"I love these! Thank you!" exclaims @ameliabostonian. "Perfectly peaceful."

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"Your control with the drone is just amazing," praises @timbo9514. "It’s so seamless that it feels that you’re part of the flight."

"Best one I've ever seen," writes @literallymissmims. "Beautiful."

"I'm always so mesmerized," says @isiah_d00dles.

"Your work is absolutely stunning," writes @themortgagehero365. "I aspire to be like you."

Video viewer @alleftwich sums it up like this: "Your videos really bring me that inner peace."

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