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Bees Wildly Swarm Drone As It Flies Over Neighborhood and the Internet Has Opinions About the Video

Perhaps they mistook it for the Queen.

This video has two great viewpoints. One camera from the ground captures a drone in the air surrounded by insects. The other is from the drone itself, as it reveals what those insects are and how they are aggressively swarming. It's pretty phenomenal footage and you can see it below.


Uploaded to TikTok by user @openhousefoto, the video has generated some reaction from viewers in the comments.

"Don't hurt the bees," writes commenter @daviduresti. "They are vital to our planet."

"Trust me," replies the creator of the video. "I love them."

"They think it's the mothership," says @0087lc.

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"They did that to my drone and I had bee guts all over it," remarks @albertherrera62 with some familiarity with the situation.

"You have to paint the drone like a bee to become the queen bee," offers @iliketurtles921 with a word of advice.

"We need the bees," says @tranzzman. "Try not to kill the bees even though there’s some kind of frequency they don’t like. Just try to move away or something."

"This happens actually a lot," notes @aarronching. "The drone sounds like a swarm to bees so they go to it."

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