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Stunningly Beautiful Expertly Piloted Drone Video Will Make Your Day and People Are Amazed

"Flying through paradise" is what the video poster call this.

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We're lucky enough to have the opportunity to take a look at this wonderful drone footage as it flies through greenspace, over the woods and along a gorgeous river.

The drone piloting is expertly done and the video is shared with us by TikTok user @droneporn. You'll want to check it out to experience it for yourself.


"Thank you so much," writes a commenter.

"Wonderful," says another.

One viewer of the video opines, "Peaceful roads and fresh rivers are wonderful."

"Like a paradise I used to imagine," says a user.

"If me and you can experience this life later with adventuring, I’d be fine with it," adds another.

"So cool," a commenter states simply.

And a great metaphor is offered here: "Whenever I see drone videos I just think of tinker bell flying through the air."

Yes, we agree. This is a stunningly beautiful video accompanied by some nifty drone piloting. Very nice, indeed.

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